Scanora® 3D Cone Beam Panoramic Dental X-Ray Machine
by Soredex

Superior Versatility and State of the Art Technology:
The SCANORA® 3D offers superior versatility by combining cone beam 3D imaging with three selectable fields of view and dedicated panoramic imaging. With three fields of view (FOV) the proper image volume can be selected for each specific diagnostic task.

With cone beam 3D imaging the image layer, angle and type of visualization can be freely selected after exposure within the cylindrical volume. Compared to conventional tomography this provides a huge advantage: all diagnostic information in the region of interest can be clearly seen, examined and exploited.

The SCANORA® 3Ds uses a sophisticated algebraic reconstruction technique (ART) for reconstructing the volume data. ART improves image quality and is less sensitive to the main causes of image artifacts such as patient movement, fillings and implants.

The SCANORA® 3D uses a dedicated CCD sensor for high quality panoramic imaging.

Selectable 3D resolution:

Always the Lowest Possible X-Ray Dose:
Three selectable 3D fields of view allow the examination area to be precisely selected, thus reducing patient dose because the effective exposure time is only a fraction of the scanning time. Whenever a high-quality panoramic image is needed, the built-in, low-dose CCD sensor can be used. Dose levels of the SCANORA® 3D are considerably less than with medical CT imaging and carefully follow the ALARMA principle: x-ray dose "as low as reasonably achievable".