InVivoDental Software and Viewer
by AnatoMage Inc.

Oral Surgery

InVivoDental 3D imaging software allows for a complete three-dimensional and cross-sectional analysis of impacted teeth, implant sites, pathology, and trauma. With nerve tracing and bone and teeth modeling, the complete region of interest is fully assessed from every angle. Cross sections of the anatomy allows for accurate measurements in any dimension. Create your own virtual reconstruction simulations with 3D anatomical models called AnatoModels. If physical models are needed, AnatoModels can be used for stereolithographic manufacturing. Preoperative and postoperative CBCT scans can also be superimposed, allowing for a 3D postoperative assessment of the surgery. InVivoDental 3D Imaging software is indispensable to any 3D surgeon.


InVivoDental 3D imaging software allows for a complete three-dimensional and cross-sectional analysis of CBCT scans for periodontal applications. Completely analyze any periodontal bone defect and even obtain a virtual study model of the bone loss. These bone loss study models can play an important role in the virtual 3D tracking of alveolar bone height. Implant planning, bone density assessments, pre/post treatment superimpositions, and many other tools can be used for periodontic applications. InVivoDental truly offers the next generation of 3D periodontal imaging.


InVivoDental has many 3D orthodontic applications, the basis of which is the ability to visualize the true three-dimensional anatomy of the patient for enhanced diagnosis and treatment planning. An orthodontist can also acquire multiple traditional radiographs from one scan, which can make panoramic and cephalometric machines obsolete. AnatoModels are the most advanced orthodontic 3D digital study model available. It is a virtual study model created solely from CBCT data that includes teeth, roots, developing teeth, impactions, bone defects, and alveolar bone. InVivoDental's orthodontic treatment simulations offer next generation Dynamic CBCT imaging in orthodontics for treatment planning and projection, patient education, case presentations, and case acceptance. InVivoDental is the most valuable tool for the 3D orthodontist.


InVivoDental allows for a complete 3D and cross-sectional assessment of teeth, roots, canals, and associated skeletal anatomy, thus equipping the modern endodontist with the most cutting edge diagnostic tools available. Bone density assessments allow for the extent of a periapical infection to be determined. Locate accessory canals, assess abnormal canal morphology, and see where canals mere or diverge. With 3D visualizations and cross-sectional views, apicoectomy procedures can be planned with unmatched precession and root fractures can also be easily identified. InVivoDental is an priceless tool for the 3D endodontist.


InVivoDental's quick and easy tools allow for customized cross sections through the TMJ. A complete 3D visualization of the TMJ can also be visualized, anatomically segmented and modeled. These virtual TMJ models can be incorporated into a number of simulations, for example, showing the condyle hinging on the hing-axis. Superimposition allows for the TMJ to be assessed at different positions in one view. Beyond jaw position, superimposition can also be used for the tracking of TMJ related degeneration over time. InVivoDental is compatible with Cone Beam CT, Medical CT, and MRI making it the ultimate one-stop solution for TMJ evaluation.

Dental Sleep Medicine

InVivoDental offers many applications in the field of Dental Sleep Medicine involving the analysis of the airway. InVivoDental allows for multiple measurements of the airway, such as linear, angular, circumferential, area, and volume measurements. Visualize the airway in 3D or in custom cross-sections. With superimposition, airway treatment modalities can be assessed for clinical results. In the case of surgical solutions to expand the airway, a superimposition of pre/post CT scans shows very precisely how the airway was changed. The effectiveness of intraoral devices that aim at expanding the airway by changing the position of the mandible can also be assessed. Nowhere else can you get as many applications for analyzing the airway as InVivo Dental 3D imaging software.